Copywriting Training

We train teams to write more effective communications.

Copywriting Training

We train teams to write more effective communications.

Copywriting training distilled from 50+ years’ experience as professional writers.

Writing is a craft, and like any craft it can be taught. We teach a process for the craft of business copywriting. A process that helps your writers understand:

  • Who they’re writing for
  • What they need to hear
  • How to move them to action (which, in the end, is all that really matters)

There’s more, of course. We cover features vs benefits, message hierarchy, story hooks, writing style, active vs passive language, tone of voice, grammar essentials and proofing.

But fundamentally, we equip your writers with a repeatable process for effective copywriting.

A process to use in any situation, external or internal, for any communication. A process that gets results.  


The formalised step-by-step process for copywriting really helped me think about the purpose of my writing and what is has to achieve. Having a structure definitely makes it easier.

When you need to upskill the people who write for you.

We’ll teach your team a creative and practical process that improves their copywriting ability, confidence and results.

We’ll make it active. Keep it interesting. Deliver a rewarding day of practical learning designed to improve skills, build confidence and get results. And we’ll arm your writers with a repeatable process that helps them nail their writing briefs time after time.

Course content includes:

  • Understanding your audience and what makes them tick
  • Formulating key messages
  • Creating an irresistible call to action
  • Moving from features to benefits
  • Storytelling for business
  • Essential style guide
  • Tone of voice
  • Consistency across teams
  • Writing for web, email, social and print


Great to learn that copywriting is a skill you can hone. Very useful tips and techniques.

To discuss your copywriting training requirements, please use this form, email or call +44 (0)7799 346428

Loved the day! Great content, super engaging, extremely helpful!