We're Kyle and Audrey

What makes us different from other copywriters? Aside from our long years of experience, we’re business people too.

So we’ll make sure the time you invest with us delivers real value for your business.

Kyle MacRae

Kyle’s writing career has been eclectic but began with a career in technology journalism. Projects included features and reviews for the consumer tech press, ghost writing for Carol Vorderman, and writing a dozen Haynes manuals on everything from building your own computer to, er, using eBay. More recently, he’s written for L’Oréal, Barclays and a prince we can’t talk about.

An accomplished trainer, Kyle has shaped and delivered international training programmes for creative leaders in the digital sector. And as a born entrepreneur, he launched the world’s first citizen journalism agency, established one of the UK’s first social media marketing consultancies, and co-founded Scotland’s first digital-only publishing company.

He’s also the UK’s first (and, to be fair, only) e-Poet Laureate. The trophy still sits on his desk, right next to his Cycling Proficiency award.


Mantra Copywriting trainer Kyle MacRae's e-Poet Laureate trophy
Mantra Copywriting trainer Audrey Mason's hamster, Oz. Or one a bit like him.


Audrey Mason

Poetry was also Audrey’s thing. From an early age, she’d mark significant moments by putting HB pencil to paper and crafting something beautiful. Like an early work about Oz, her beloved golden hamster.

Alas, Audrey discovered there was no cash in pet poetry. But plenty to be made writing about beer and expensive gin – two of her other favourite things. And so began a successful career as a copywriter with some of London’s top creative agencies. There she penned award-winning campaigns for brands like Worthington’s, Bombay Sapphire and Orange (the mobile network, not the juice).

In 2005, she founded Mantra, her own creative agency, and quickly won major clients including L’Oréal, Barclays and SSE.

So she’s a successful entrepreneur as well as a wordsmith.


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