We’re Audrey and Kyle.

What makes us different from other copywriters? Simple. We’re business people too.

So we know how important it is to create comms that matter. We know how to combine writing skills with strategy. We know how to make sure the time you invest with us actually delivers real value.

And we never lose sight of the one thing that’s most important to you — your bottom line.

Kyle MacRae

Kyle’s writing career has been pretty varied but began with a career in technology journalism. Projects included ghost writing for Carol Vorderman and writing a dozen Haynes manuals on everything from building your own computer to, er, using eBay. More recently, he’s written for L’Oréal, Barclays and a prince we can’t talk about.

An accomplished trainer, Kyle has shaped and delivered international training programmes for creative leaders in the digital sector. And a born entrepreneur, he launched the world’s first citizen journalism agency, established one of the UK’s first social media marketing consultancies, and co-founded Scotland’s first digital-only publishing company. 

He’s also the UK’s first (and to be fair only) e-Poet Laureate. The trophy still sits on his desk.


Audrey Mason

Audrey founded Mantra in 2005, after a long and successful career in advertising and marketing. Having masterminded campaigns for Orange, Bacardi and Bombay Sapphire in her time, she took copywriting for brands like L’Oréal, Barclays, eBay and Coco-Cola in her stride.

She’s also an experienced trainer, having delivered sessions on everything from writing better emails to website development for international companies across the UK.

As if that weren’t enough, she’s a yoga teacher, too.


We believe that good writing has never been more important. And great writing never more powerful.

Today, every brand wants to be your ‘friend’ – but you know they’re really selling. ‘Content’ screams for attention – but you’ve had your fill of clickbait. Ads claim to know you better than you know yourself – but still you’re not buying.

The mood is changing. We’re wise to manipulation. And we’re fed up with it.

So will you win new customers with a better algorithm? Build better relationships by pumping out tweets or pimping your Instagram?

Here’s what you can do instead.

Persuade people with quality copy. Considered words. Messages that resonate. Stories that engage. Writing that shines with authenticity and passion.

We’ll show you how.

Please use this form, email kyle@mantracopywriting.com or call 07799 346428