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Because it’s easier for someone to do nothing than something.

So if you want people to do your thing – buy your product, use your service, join your journey – you have to move them to action.

Persuasive copywriting moves people from nothing to something. From reading to action. From words to sales.

That’s what we do, every day. And that’s what we train.

What we do

Copywriting training distilled from 50+ years experience as professional writers

Team Training

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Masterclass Modules

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Custom Support

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We believe that good writing has never been more important. And great writing never more powerful.

Today, every brand wants to be your ‘friend’ – but you know they’re really selling. ‘Content’ screams for attention – but you’ve had your fill of clickbait. Ads claim to know you better than you know yourself – but still you’re not buying.

The mood is changing. We’re wise to manipulation – and we’re fed up with it.

So will you win new customers with a better algorithm? Build better relationships by pumping out tweets or pimping your Instagram?

Probably not. Here’s what you can do instead.

Persuade people with quality copy. Considered words. Messages that resonate. Stories that engage. Writing that shines with authenticity and passion.

We’ll show you how.

Our copywriting TRAINING



A day of active learning and practical exercises focused on improving skills, confidence and results.

  • Understanding audience, message and call to action
  • Moving from features to benefits
  • Storytelling for business
  • Essential style guide
  • Tone of voice
  • Writing under pressure
  • Ensuring consistency across teams
  • 100% active learning
  • For groups of up to 12
Our team training course is available in two flavours

General Course

This is our popular ‘off the shelf’ product where we share 50 years of copywriting experience.

It’s an intense, fun and above all practical day perfectly suited to groups of mixed writing ability and different levels of responsibility.

The course will give your writers the skills and confidence to understand writing, to enjoy it – and to improve the results of your communications, whether internal or external.


Bespoke Course

In this bespoke course we cover similar ground but the content and exercises are based on your own communications and projects.

We review these with you in advance and agree precise objectives and areas for improvement.

This course is more strategic than our general training, and ideal if you have a pressing project in the pipeline where results are essential. Includes follow-up support.

masterclass modules

High-intensity workshops that crack a single nut. Pick any 2 modules to design your own training day.

  • Deep dive into key areas
  • Master problem areas
  • Highly interactive

Tone of Voice

Bet you’re relaxed with people face to face. So why is it so tricky to hit the right tone in writing? To be conversational without being cheesy? Friendly but professional? Approachable but authoritative?

Why do you have to try so hard to look like you’re not trying at all?

A practical masterclass in developing a consistent tone of voice.

Stuff the fluff

People are busy. They don’t have time to read. So as copywriters, we have to be smart. Focused. But interesting. With a clear call to action.

Instead, we waffle. Say too much. So most copy goes unread. Especially on the web.

Sad. But we can fix it! A hands-on immersion in the beauty of brevity.

Storytelling for Business

People don’t buy what you do. They don’t buy how you do it. They buy why you do it.

An essential co-creation masterclass that deep-dives and defines your organisational ‘why’. We explore why you do what you do and why people should care. It’s probably not for the reasons you think – if you’ve thought about it at all.

And then we co-create compelling stories around your ‘why’. Stories your own people can rally behind. Stories your customers will buy.

Grammar School for Punks

Good writing is about the right words. If they’re in the right order according to the rules of grammar, that’s a bonus.

But can you start a sentence with but? Or and (and or)? Oxford comma – always, sometimes, or never? Exclamation mark – legitimate emphasis or laughing at your own joke? Awesome alliterative adjectives?

Grammar angst kills creativity. Let’s nail it. All your writers ever need to know – and not know – about grammar in one fun lesson.


Over the years, we have written for some of the world’s biggest brands and coolest startups. We’ve written marketing copy and adverts, journalism, business plans, speeches, websites, magazines and everything else in between.

So if you’re looking for copywriting services rather than training, or as part of a wider package, we’d love to hear from you.




You don’t expect your accountant to design your website. That’s a job for a specialist. But you probably task a team of non-experts with writing your communications.

Because everyone can write, right?

And sure, of course they can. But can they write effectively?

The fact is that copywriting is a craft. Far too few people who are expected to write receive adequate training and support.

So they find writing stressful. They agonise over details and lose track of what they’re trying to achieve. Output suffers. So do results.

It’s crazy. We can help.

A skilled writer is a confident writer. A skilled and confident writer gets results.

  • gain knowledge
  • increase confidence
  • improve results

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