Copywriting Training

Learn the craft of copywriting for business

Copywriting Training

Learn the craft of copywriting for business

Copywriting training distilled from 50+ years’ experience as professional writers.

You need to upskill the people who write for you. We’ll teach your team a creative and practical process that improves ability, confidence and results.

You need intensive support in key writing areas or for specific writing teams. Our flexible masterclass modules let you customise your training.

You want help on a single project. Or a new approach to writing across the organisation. Whatever you need, we’ll devise the training to deliver it.
Because doing nothing is easier than doing something.

So if you want people to do your thing — buy your product, use your service, join your journey —  you need the power to move them to action. Great writing has that power. We know, because we see it happen every day. We do it every day.

And that’s what we train.

Sure they can. And your people are probably competent writers already. We’re not here to teach them how to write. We’re here to teach them how to write effectively. For business.

Copywriting is a craft. It can be learned. We teach the key skills and a powerful, practical process that makes every word matter.

That’s how you get results.

We keep it active. We make it interesting. We deliver a day of practical exercises designed to improve skills, generate confidence and create results. And we arm your writers with a repeatable process that helps them nail their writing briefs time after time. Course content includes:

  • Understanding your audience, message and call to action
  • Moving from features to benefits
  • Storytelling for business
  • Essential style guide
  • Tone of voice
  • Consistency across teams
  • Writing under pressure

Each of our masterclass modules has been designed to crack a single nut. That might be finding your voice, telling your story or forgetting everything you thought you knew about grammar. There are six in all — combine any two for a training day that targets your specific needs.

Your organisation has its own personality. All your communications should reflect that. All your communicators, internal and external, need to understand it.

But do they? This intensive masterclass explores your tone of voice and how to apply it. It teaches how to be conversational without being crass. Accessible without being over-familiar. How to hit the right tone so naturally it looks like you’re not even trying.

People don’t buy what you do, or how you do it. They buy the why — the reason you do what you do. This masterclass goes beyond the craft of copywriting. It’s a deep-dive into your organisation’s very reason for existence. 

Once we have your why, we can help you create compelling stories that get your own people — and your customers — excited about your brand, your products and services, and everything you do.

Ideas excite people. Move them. Persuade them to buy what you’re selling. They’re the creative part of the copywriting process, and the core of successful communication. But how do you generate fresh ideas about familiar subjects? Turn the seemingly mundane into something special, and craft compelling messages?

This practical masterclass in ideation shows you how. Imagination engaged, creativity unleashed.

Let’s get straight to the point: people are busy. They don’t want to spend time reading waffle. So when you cram in too many messages (because you think you have to say everything, right?) or go off on too many tangents, your copy goes unread. Calls to action are ignored. Results are rubbish. 

Sad. But fixable. Writing long is easy, writing short is essential. This masterclass helps you find the power of focus and the beauty of brevity.  

Good writing is about finding the right words. If those words are in the right grammatical order, bonus. But when can you start a sentence with but? Or and? And or? Where does that Oxford comma go? Do exclamation marks add emphasis, or just make you look startled?

Here’s a radical approach — it doesn’t matter.  This course is where we tell you why, and how to master grammar once and for all.

We don’t do style over substance. But for clear, consistent communications that support your brand, writing style and substance need to work together.

This class teaches 20 immutable* rules for effective, powerful writing. Then together we co-create a foolproof style guide that works for everyone who writes for you. 

*fixed (Rule #7 — there’s always a simpler word)


So that’s what we do and why it matters.

Now it’s your turn to write. Just click below, drop us a line and let’s see how we can work together for clearer communications, stronger storytelling and real results.