Copywriting Training
for Teams

So if you want them to do your thing – buy your product, use your service, join your journey – you have to move them to action.

Persuasive copywriting moves people from nothing to something.

That’s what we do, every day.

And that’s what we train.


Understand your audience. Prioritise messages for busy people. Flex the tone for different audiences. Get attention and convert to action.

We’ll teach your writing team the essential skills of effective communication.


Blurb about how their confidence will improve and writing will become less of a chore


Blurb about the ROI of the training – how effective copy will get results.

Team Training

For the people who write for your business.

STANDARD | Become a Better Writer

This is our ‘off the shelf’ product where we share what we’ve learned in 50 years of writing. Expect an intense, fun and above all practical day of general copywriting training.

We flex the level of teaching to suit the needs of participants, which we’ll establish with you in advance. This course is perfectly suited to groups of mixed abilities and different levels of responsibility. Everyone will end the day more confident and a better writer.

Click here for an overview of the course and here to book your course.

BESPOKE | Write Better Communications

This is a bespoke course focused on improving your strategic copywriting – right here, right now.

The big difference between this course and Become a Better Writer is that here we work with your own communications. We’ll review these with you in advance and agree precise objectives. On the day, your writers will co-create original, persuasive messaging that’s ready to publish. This course includes follow-up assessments and support.

Click here for an overview of the course and here to book your course.


High-intensity workshops that crack a single nut. Pick any 2 modules and design your own training day.


All costs quoted ex-VAT

* We’ll be delighted to offer a 25% discount on any copywriting projects [link] you need support with

** We’ll review your existing communications before the training and build exercises around them. We’ll also work with you to ensure that the training day is focused on your most important current or future projects

*** We’ll do a remote follow-up assessment with the course participants 3 months after training to ensure they’re staying on track


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