Copywriting training distilled from 50+ years as professional writers

What we do

Writing is a craft. And like any craft it can be learned 

That’s why we teach a process for the craft of business copywriting. A process that helps your writers understand:

  • Who they’re writing for
  • What they need to hear
  • How to move them to action (which, in the end, is all that really matters)

There’s more, of course. We cover features vs benefits, message hierarchy, story hooks, writing style, active vs passive language, tone of voice, grammar essentials and proofing.

But fundamentally, we equip your writers with a tool they’ll use day after day.

A repeatable process for effective copywriting.

Why do you need copywriting training?


Because every word, internal or external, reflects who you are

When you care about language, it reflects well on your business. Lack of care looks sloppy and unprofessional.

Because while everyone can write, not everyone can write well

You don’t expect your sales team to build your website. People tasked with writing deserve support.

Because it's easier for someone to do nothing than something

So if you want them to do your thing – buy your product, use your service – you have to move them to action.

Because great leaders are not always great communicators

People-centric communication does not come naturally to everyone. But it can be taught and learned.

Because it ain't (just) what you say - it's the way that you say it

A business without a distinctive tone of voice is bland. Do you know what yours is? And does everyone use it consistently?

The formalised step-by-step process for copywriting really helped me think about the purpose of my writing and what is has to achieve. Having a process to follow definitely makes it easier.

What we believe

Good writing has never been more important.

Today, every brand wants to be your ‘friend’ – but you know they’re really selling. ‘Content’ screams for attention – but you’ve had your fill of clickbait. Ads claim to know you better than you know yourself – but still you’re not buying.

The mood is changing. We’re wise to manipulation. And we’re fed up with it.

So will you win new customers with a better algorithm? Build better relationships by pumping out tweets or pimping your Instagram?

Doubt it.

Here’s what you can do instead. Persuade people with quality copy. Considered words. Messages that resonate. Stories that engage. Calls to action that get results.

Writing that shines with authenticity and passion.

Your training approach was spot-on. Not only did you help us with our new brand copy, which gave us a strong insight into our brand and style, but you knew exactly what we were trying to achieve.

The end result is consistency across the team, fewer words with more impact, and a tone of voice that we feel is just right for us.

We’ll teach you how